Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is Evaporation the Answer to Energy Problems?

Is it possible that we have discovered a new form of renewable energy? Scientists from Columbia University think so! Evaporation is a very impressive natural force that is actually more powerful than current forms of renewable resources such as wind and solar energy. Nevertheless, scientists never thought that it was possible to collect and transfer evaporation into an energy source to be used by humans, until now. Engineered by Columbia University scientists, Eva is the first evaporation-powered car charged by a turbine engine that moves as water evaporates the wet paper lining that makes up the engine-walls.
While this feat of evaporation energy is still years away from becoming a complete reality, and still ever further away from the commercial market, the thought of what the future holds is quite intriguing. To start with, Eva has opened yet another door to the growing industry of electric cars. Ozgur Sahin, Ph.D., an associate professor of biological sciences and physics at Columbia University, speculates that it is possible to design a full-size car that is fueled by an engine that runs off of evaporation.
            On an even larger scale, it has been stated that it is not required to use fresh water to create this new form of energy; saltwater is also capable of this task giving hope to scientists and environmentalists alike that one day this technology could become a large-scale floating device in the ocean or other bodies of water. The possibilities are rapidly becoming endless.
            Obviously there is still a great deal of research, experimentation, and engineering discoveries to come before. Along with the successes that are sure to be many downfalls and setbacks, but we are crossing our fingers for the scientists of Columbia University as they continue to develop systems powered by evaporation.