Tuesday, November 3, 2009

St. Johns River Survey

Do you want some say into what happens to your waterfront?  If yes, then take the St. Johns River Survey. 
The Trust for Public Land (TPL) has initiated a survey to gather information about how Jacksonville residents want to use the St. Johns River and Jacksonville's waterfront. 
Take the survey at


Kayak Events on the Horizon

The Public Trust is happy to announce two upcoming fundraisers!  The fundraisers are co-sponsored by Kayak Adventures and center around two fun and exciting kayak trips.  You may attend one or both, but space is limited and it's first come, first serve.

The first event, the Kingsley Kayak Experience, will be held on November 21st.  Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George Island, one of the jewels of the Timucuan Preserve.  While exploring this unique island, you will learn the history that is woven into the fabrics of this landscape.  Along our paddle we will see many species of resident and migratory birds, such as roseate spoonbill, swallow tail kite, heron, egret, and osprey.  This waterway is frequented by lots of sea creatures such as leaping dolphin, grazing manatees, soaring eagle rays, and many more.  The striking blue-green hue of the water makes this feel like our own backyard Caribbean.  After an educational stroll through Kingsley Plantation's historical grounds we will set off to find secluded beaches to swim and play.

The second event, the Mayport Historic Waterways Ecological Kayak Experience, will be held on December 19th.  Mayport Village is located at the mouth of the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean, where an abundance of wildlife is found.  As the major highway to the ocean for much of the marine wildlife in the thousands of acres of estuaries the inlet feeds, it is bustling with action.  On any given day you may see manatees, dolphins, and an array of water fowl.  Our tour will launch from Mayport Beach located on the St. Johns River, and ride the tide to the point of the jetty where it intersects with the Intracoastal stopping on the spoil islands and continuing back into secluded winding tributaries ending the tour on the salt marsh side of the jetty.  This tour is great for beginner paddlers or anyone one who would like an easy “ride the tide” type of kayak tour.  We plan our tours around the tides for an easy and enjoyable experience.

For more information on either of these events, please email me at adm@publictrustlaw.org.

The events are first come, first serve, and half of the proceeds will go directly to the Public Trust, the other half will go to our co-sponsor, Kayak Adventures.  For more information on Kayak Adventures, please feel free to visit their website by clicking here.

I hope that you will join us on the water for these fun events.  And remember, it's not only for a good time, it's for a good cause.  See you on the water, Andy

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just to get things rolling...

Welcome to the brand new Public Trust blog! In the future this blog will serve as a clearinghouse for Public Trust events, cases, campaigns, thoughts, and everything else. It is meant to supplement our website, www.publictrustlaw.org, as the place where others can add to, and even steer the conversation. For example, what do you all think is the best "at home remedy" for making your house a little greener? Is it placing a brick in the tank of your toilet so that less water is used with every flush? Is it unplugging your appliances when not in use to avoid "plug-surge?" Or is it something else? At the end of next week (October 30th) the person who submits the "best" idea, as judged by the Public Trust, will win a free Intracoastal Salt Marsh Paddling Guide. Let the wild rumpus start!